Monday, September 15, 2014

Halloween Wine Goblet

Another fun Halloween project. all you need is a wine glass, fabric paint and some wax paper. This is a 2 day project. You could even use red fabric paint to make blood or orange for some pumpkins

Fast and Easy Halloween Nails

This is so easy even a child could do it. First polish your nails and let them completely dry. Then take a fine tip or medium tip permanent magic maker and draw on a design. Finish it off with a clear coat of nail polish

Lollipop Ghosts

Halloween is my most favorite time of year. Every year I make lollipop ghost and hand them out to all the ghost and ghouls that come trick or treating. I started out making them with my Mom and daughter and have continued making them with my Grandchildren. I hope that they make them with their kids one day. Here's a video I did to show how they are done